Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Charles "Chick" McNally and the Wenonah Swim Club

Why is the pool such a special place? One of the things I received while at the pool during my years as a young boy and as a teenager was seeing the other families. Seeing how the children interacted with their parents and how the parents interacted with each other.  As I look back on my experience my summers at the pool showed me what it was like to be a good father and good husband.  Some of my examples were the McConvilles, the McHughs, the Labenskis, the Neilsons, the McSorleys, the Loves, the Cravchacks, the Smiths, the Powers, the Ognibenes and the McNallys.

The other day, I attend the funeral of Charles "Chick" McNally.  He and his family were members of the swim club while I was child.  I remember watching "Chick" play tennis with his daughter and sons.  I saw them interact as a family.  He would participate at the swim meets and the fund raisers like "Night at the Races" and was a member of the board.  He had a great sense of humor and always had a story.  He was great husband and father.  I learned from him and the other families and I hope I can live up to his and their example. 

I remember my parents playing tennis, in a round robin format, with the other couples for a few hours then they would allow us kids on the court.  They would rotate the parents on the court while the others would drink ice water with lime.  They were a great example for me, my brother and my sister as well as the other kids at the pool.  Charles "Chick" McNally was one of the best.

One of the great things I think my boys get out of being members of the pool is seeing all the wonderful families interact.  Seeing the couples, as husband and wife, and as mother and father, interact with each other and their children are great examples for my boys to follow.  Maybe we are at our best at the pool, relaxing and not fighting, but they see enough of how not to act on TV.  I think it is a wonderful example for them to follow as they grow up. They are learning how to be part of a couple and a family. I think we have too many poor examples in our pop culture of how not to treat a girl/boy friend, husband, wife, brother or sister.  For that I would like to thank the wonderful families of the Wenonah Swim Club.


Chris Campbell